The Call

This is a portrait of America's volunteer fire service, and expresses the importance and value of volunteer firefighters.

Join the Team



All prospective members follow the process outlined below to join:



                                                    Written Examination

                                                  Apparatus walk-around

                                         Meeting attendance and swearing-in


Prospective members are required to make a minimum of three (3) appearances at the firehouse.  Prospective members can show up to Lakeview Fire Department headquarters on designated training nights and work details.  EMS training nights are typically held on Tuesdays at 730 PM, Fire suppression training are typically held on Wednesday nights at 730 PM.  Work details are scheduled for 9 AM every Sunday.  Appearances afford potential members exposure to the fire department environment, interacting with members, and building relationships all while learning the trade.  It is expected of prospective members to continuously make appearances throughout the application process.


The interview process is coordinated with our membership committee.  They will serve as a prospective members liaison until they are sworn into the department.  Prospective members will be required to complete documentation for a background investigation and be provided with a manual to review the departments structure, function, and basic operation.  Scroll below to download your copy of the manual.

Written Examination/Apparatus Walk-around

Each candidate will be required to take a two part test which includes tools identification and a multi-choice written examination.  All content for the written examination is based off the booklet provided by the membership committee.  The apparatus walk-around test requires candidates to  locate and identify pieces of equipment and explain their purpose.

Meeting attendance and swearing in

The membership committee will instruct new members when they are required to attend meetings.  The first meeting you will be invited is to introduce you to the membership and read off your application.  The second meeting is a brief meeting with the Board of Fire Commissioners who approve your application authorize you for a physical for medical clearance by the fire district doctor.  The third meeting you will be asked to attend is to be sworn into the department.

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